Stay the night in Koli

You can stay in comfortable cottages and apartments all year round. In the summer, we have also accommodation in traditional summer rooms “Aitta”.

  • You can make a reservation either by using the website form, by email, by phone or by visiting the Paimentupa reception.

  • The reservation is binding after the customer has paid the reservation fee.

  • Breakfast, horseback riding and other additional services must be booked in advance, no later than the previous day. Availability may change.

  • To bring pet animals into cottages or apartments, it must always be agreed upon and communicated in advance.

  • If you are looking for more information, please feel free to contact us.

  • You will receive a confirmation message/invoice after placing your reservation.

  • If the reservation is made at least 8 weeks before the trip begins or before:

    20% of the total amount of the reservation must be paid within 14 days. The final payment is due 56 days before the trip.

  • For reservations made less than 8 weeks before the departure date:

    The total price of the reservation must be paid in one sum within 7 days of booking, but not later than 7 nights before the start of the trip.

  • The payment method is Bank transfer. Credit Card via PayPal is possible with an additional fee.

  • If the reservation starts within 10 days, we can agree that you will pay on the day of arrival here at Paimentupa.

The reception of Paimentupa accepts

  • Cash

  • Debit cards and credit cards (VISA credit and debit, MasterCard, Maestro)

Horse riding you can also pay with

  • Smartum Exercise Vouchers

  • E-Passi

  • Your key will be located in a locked key compartment. Before the trip begins, we will send you the code by email. So you can drive directly to your place.

  • The cottage or holiday apartment is available from 3 pm (15:00) until noon (12:00) on the date of departure.

  • Please contact us if you wish to extend your time (an additional fee may apply).

  • If the reservation is cancelled, we charge a cancellation fee, which is 20% of the full price. The prepayment will be refunded with the exception of the cancellation fee, if the cancellation is made at least 7 days before the rental starts.

  • Cancellations made later than 7 days prior to rental will not be refunded at all, unless the apartments are re-rented. An exception will be taken in case of sudden illness or an accident. Medical certificates have to be presented.

  • The cancellation (or a change of) summer rooms and horseback riding can still be made on the previous day by 16 p.m. if not specifically agreed otherwise.

  • Paimentupa complies with here mentioned conditions for ordering, booking and cancellations of holiday cottage services and holiday apartments. These terms become binding to both parties once the customer has received a written booking confirmation.

  • The minimum equipment for a holiday cottage or holiday apartment includes free access to the accomodation, heating, lighting, sauna, indoor toilet, shower, cooking utensils, refrigerator, freezer section or full freezer, stove, toiletpaper, TV, fireplace wood (in a basic quantity) and right to use the car’s heating outlet.

  • The customer is obligated to compensate any damage caused to the accommodation owner.

  • Complaints: All claims relating to the resort must be presented to Paimentupa without delay.

  • You agree to have read the service provider’s reservation and cancellation policy.

Cottages, apartments and summer rooms


Free Trial












1 - 4 person

32 m2




shower / WC

sauna possibility

fridge/freezer, stove, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, dish, TV, radio, airpump, vacuum cleaner

Is in the same courtyard as Paimentupa

Wireless network

Pets are allowed



1 - 4 person

32 m2




Shower / WC

sauna possibility

fridge/freezerstovemicrowave, kettlecoffee makertoasterdish, TV, radio, airpump, vacuum cleaner

Is in the same courtyard as Paimentupa

Wireless network

Pets are allowed


Cottage at the lake Verkkolampi

1 - 7 person

68 m2



3 bedrooms

shower / WC


fridge/freezerstovemicrowave, kettlecoffee makertoasterdish, TV, radio, airpump, vacuum cleaner


washing machine

Pets are allowed


Cottage at the lake Jero

1 - 4 person

47 m2

livingroom / kitchen

2 bedrooms




fridge/freezerstovemicrowave, kettlecoffee makertoasterdish, TV, radio, vacuum cleaner

Pets are allowed

Summer rooms

Summer room

2 x 2 person, 2 x 3 person, 1 x 6 person

10 - 20 m2


door with window

in the same building:

Shower / WC


Summer kitchen (shared)

heating, electricity, light, bed, beddings, chairs, tables,

fan, fridge and microwave

grilling place outside

Wireless network

Pets are allowed




week price

1 day

2 day

3 day

4 day

5 day

6 day


bed linen & towels
/ person

extra person



(1 or 2 persons)


80 €

160 €

234 €

312 €

390 €

468 €

40 €

12 €

10 € / person per night

Majavaranta cottage

Keloranta cottage

Vanha Portti cottage


120 €

240 €

330 €

440 €

550 €

660 €

Majavaranta: 80 €

Keloranta & Vanha Portti: 60 €

12 €

Summer Rooms

(2 persons / 3 persons)

 315 /385

50 € / 60 €

100 € / 120 €

144 € / 174 €

192 € / 232 €

240 € / 290 €

288 € / 348 €

- €

12 €

please ask

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